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                   "Am I To Blame"

My life Is Falling Into Ruin Slowly And Full of Pain

Alot Of Fools Getting Mad Just At The Sound Of My Name

Got People Holding Me Down Because Im Reaching For The Fame

So Am I To Blame

or those Hating Me And My name

i Feel I Have A Big Contribution To This Place

I Want To Rid My Enemies The Rememberence Of My face

Cause if They Try Something I Shall Catch Another Case

So Am I To Blame

Or Those Hating Me And My Name



Hey Girl Why Dont You Get A Little Closer To Me

Then We Can Feel This Natural Attraction And Be Forever To Be

Cause Girl i Love You

I Miss You

I Charish You

Your My Life

My Wife

What I Need To Survive

I Love You Baby Girl Your Mine

Till The End Of Time

So Give Me a Chance And Hold Me Tight

You Know I'll Hold u Right

Baby I Love You


                "Whats Around us"

Whats around my gente and my family

Now Im Losing People And People Mad At Me

Pain Drunks Addicts And hate

thats What Surrounds Me So Am I To Blame

Fucked Up And Joining The Gang

Representing Some Shit and Fucking up Lames

Whats Around My life is Too Hard To Explain

So ill Chill Kick Back and Not give A fuck About The Pain